‘Twas the Night Before Austin’s Icegedon.

January 17, 2018 admin

‘Twas the night before Icegedon and all through the city,

Every mom in Austin filled with self pity.

Cartons of wine stored in the kitchen with care,

In hopes that might dull tomorrow’s screaming there.


The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of snowy days danced in their heads.

And mom in her sweatpants, and dad with a beer,

Settled in to brace Austin’s ice storm filled fear.


When on Facebook there arose such a clatter,

I pressed the ‘Wow’ button, to show THIS matters,

But reading friends’ updates I knew in a flash,

We were doomed to days of the feared sibling thrash.


The temps started to drop to a record low,

Trepidation for Dooms Day left me aglow,

Or maybe that was actually the wine…

Ya might as well toast to this newsworthy time.


When barely freezing temps cause stores to empty,

Your friends in Colorado have no pity.

For they’ve all gone to work in ten feet of snow.

We are a bit dramatic, trust me I KNOW!



A day off from “work” because you have that CHOICE.

While moms everywhere cry defeated tears,

And all silently scream, “Get me out of here!”


For I have lived in and loved on my hometown

long enough to know, the city will shut down.

Schools, stores, offices and roads, all shall be closed,

A jail like existence, perhaps self imposed.


Dang you Austin for trapping my family in,

So why are we stocking up on gas again?

After the stores emptied, and the streets were bare,

I looked out the window expecting snow’s glare.


I pursed my lips, then I stared up at the sky,

As my eyes filled with tears, I shook my head “Why?”

How do I look into my tot’s eyes to say,

Ha Ha, wink, just kidding, there is no snow day.



Welcome to Austin Tex, where there is no snow,

Even when my Iphone predicted it so!

So what do we do to make life exciting,

Why we pretend ice is just as inviting.


I don’t think I was very convincing though,

And my tot let out a scream to let me know.

Her velociraptor pitch caused such a fright

Brother awoke startled and ready to fight.


It’s only 7 o’clock. Shoot I don’t care,

It has to be at least 9 AM somewhere.

Surely friends, it’s an acceptable “hour”

To give coffee and juice some extra “power.”


It’s third day in, and perhaps I’ve lost my mind,

As pointless rhymes attempt to let me unwind.

So please send help, as I am overtaken

By tiny beasts that once again awaken.