Krista Hager is a true Austinite-born and raised. She has spent the last eight years fighting for social justice in the social work/non-profit field. These days she fights for her passion causes from the sidelines while refereeing two kids two and under. “Mamma he’s touching me!” A lover of words, dancing, dogs, writing, wine, boot camps, and dark chocolate, Krista ADORES her wild and crazy spit-fire family that blends perfectly with her free-spirit gulp of life. If she looks dazed and confused upon meeting, she’s not high… She just hasn’t slept in two years. Krista is a regular contributing Author at Austin Moms Blog


Since Krista is already known for rambling, she is supremely grateful for the inter webs that allow her the freedom to mutter much ado about nothings to a wider audience. Your next beer is on her friends and family, whom appreciate you taking up some of this needed slack.


So join this humble, humorous, and novice approach to life, fitness, mental health, and everything in between.